Updated 1 month ago

Ansible Playbook configuring all JeroenED.be servers

Updated 2 months ago

Source code of my website at JeroenED.be

Updated 4 months ago

Script to sync music from one folder to another

Updated 6 months ago

A webapp made in bootstrap to manage cronjobs

Updated 8 months ago

Ansible role to install friendica

Updated 9 months ago

My vagrant test environment

Updated 1 year ago

"Een goeie IT-er heeft altijd IT-problemen"

Updated 1 year ago

Ansible-role providing a legacy php-environment

Updated 2 years ago

Ansible-role to configure ipv6

Updated 2 years ago

Instantly solves all your code problems in 1 click

Updated 2 years ago

A simple webapp to view and store presentations online

Updated 2 years ago