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v2.0 (Release: aa-bbb-cccc)

  • NEW FEATURE: Game::Board for getting the board number of the game
  • MAJOR CHANGE: Getter and setter methods have been removed. (Please see 0d8a325 for more info)
  • MAJOR CHANGE: Changed license to AGPL-3.0
  • CHANGE: Some fields has been renamed to match coding guideline (Please see 1ab96fa for more info)
  • CHANGE: Logo has been redesigned
  • CHANGE: Phpdoc is used again for docs generation
  • CHANGE: Tiebreak::American and all its uses were removed (Please see a6015ae for more info)
  • CHANGE: Tournament::calculateSonneborn() did not use a virtual opponent for bye results
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateMutualResult() returned a value even it not all players did not play each other

v1.2 (Release: 28-sep-2019)

  • NEW READER: Readers\Swar-4 for reading out files created with SWAR version 4.
  • NEW FEATURE: Tournament::getArbiters() for multiple arbiters in 1 tournament
  • ENHANCEMENT: Class::getBinaryData() methods return null if field is non-existent
  • ENHANCEMENT: The template in distributions provides a more usable starting implementation
  • ENHANCEMENT: The template in distributions is renamed to template.php
  • CHANGE: Tournament::getArbiter() accepts a int parameter representing the order of the arbiters
  • BUGFIX: Player:getId() returned elo instead of id
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateBuchholz() did not return the correct score when player had unplayed rounds
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateMutualResult() returned NULL if result was invalid
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateBaumbach() treated bye as won
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateAverageRating() returned NaN if no games were played
  • BUGFIX: Distributions could be created from a branch other than master

v1.1.2 (Release: 21-jun-2019)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Added update section to dist/
  • MAJOR BUGFIX: Game::GetResult threw fatal error Cannot access parent:: when current class scope has no parent

v1.1.1 (Released: 20-jun-2019)

  • NEW FEATURE: Added clean-dist and clean-dev targets
  • ENHANCEMENT: Better Docs generation
  • ENHANCEMENT: Resized logo in Doxygen for better fit
  • ENHANCEMENT: Doxygen takes branch name or version tag as PROJECT_NUMBER
  • CHANGE: Version tag directly put in distribution filename
  • CHANGE: Tournament::GameExists() renamed to Tournament::gameExists()
  • CHANGE: Updated composer metadata
  • CHANGE: Some setters changed to fluent setters. (More info: 7aca350)
  • CHANGE: Kashdan and Soccer Kashdan are combined in 1 function
  • BUGFIX: Tagging did not work

v1.1 (Released: 20-jun-2019)

  • NEW FEATURE: Libpairtwo distribution releases (use these if you don't have knowledge of composer or dependency management)
  • NEW FEATURE: Soccer Kashdan (aka: kashdan using 3-1-0 scoring)
  • MAJOR CHANGE: Model Classes has been removed
  • CHANGE: Deprecated sws::class was removed
  • CHANGE: Added a logo to the project
  • CHANGE: Replaced PhpDoc with Doxygen
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::getParticipants() did not return a correct value

v1.0.2 (Released: 05-jun-2019)

  • NEW FEATURE: Player::getPlayedGames() to return the number of played games
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateBuchholz() always returned 0
  • BUGFIX: Tournament::calculateMutualResult() only took account of last tiebreak instead all previous

v1.0.1 (Released: 04-jun-2019)

  • BUGFIX: Round::getBye() did not return bye players

v1.0 (Released: 03-jun-2019)

  • Initial release