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Version 1.2


  • Added timed scheduled runs

Version 1.1


  • User settings page. Eliminating the need to call the helpline for changing your password or language
  • Version tag in footer


  • Docker images are following the docker philosophy (2 containers providing 1 functionality each. Although you can still use the fat image)
  • Translations can be contributed via crowdin
  • Data migrations are done using doctrine migrations
  • User command now has update action
  • Mail-failed-runs now takes an argument with recipients. Eliminating the need for a user account
  • Docker images are build for amd64, arm and arm64
  • Symfony framework has been updated to version 6.2


  • Some flashes were not translated
  • Trusted proxies were not parsed
  • When running in a different container the health of the daemon could not be checked

Version 1.0

(Initial release)